Rye’n Clover 2011 tour

Rye’n Clover is a songwriter and radical organizer from Ithaca, NY who is featured on the recently released Earth First! 30th Anniversary CD compilation. He has been on the frontlines of the fight to stop gas fracking in upstate New York. This October he’s going on tour with some friends playing shows and offering a variety of workshops for DIY and radical communities.

Along with playin’ music, gardening and living in an awesome collective house he’s involved with an anarchist social center called Silent City Distro. He’s traveling with another musician, Stefan Fink and together and their looking for house show venues that emphasize safer spaces and are open to all ages.

You can listen to Rye’n Clover’s music here and Stefan’s here

If you’re interested in hosting a performance or workshop, please contact them right away: clover56[at]riseup.net or call 607-592-5208.

They’re heading all the way down south to Florida, across to New Orleans, and up the Mississippi river toward Minnesota.

If you want to know if their coming to your town? See the list below and sign up for the Rye’n Clover mailing list to stay in touch for updates. Or check here.

Here’s the run-down of tentative dates.

  • September 29th – Cortland, NY
  • October 1st – SUNY Purchase, Purchase NY
  • October 2 Brooklyn
  • 10/3 Philly
  • 10/4 Baltimore
  • 10/5 Richmond VA
  • 10/6 Washington DC or Eastern NC
  • 10/7 Asheville NC
  • 10/8 Athens GA
  • 10/9 Atlanda GA
  • 10/10 Gainesville FL
  • 11 Pensacola FL
  • 12 New Orleans
  • 13 Jackson, MI
  • 14
  • 15 Memphis, TN
  • 16 Nashville TN
  • 17 St. Louis / Berea
  • 18 Bloomington, IN
  • 19 Columbus, OH
  • 20 Pittsburgh, PA
  • 21 Central PA (somewhere)

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